Castle Großkmehlen

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Name, address

Castle Großkmehlen
Dr. Carl Eduard Zachariae von
Lingenthal Straße 1
D-01990 Großkmehlen

Contact partner

Brandenburgische Schlösser GmbH
Gemeinnützige Betriebsgesellschaft
Brüderstraße 13, D - 10178 Berlin



Großkmehlen is located in the extreme south of Brandenburg at the border to Saxony, one kilometre away from the place Ortrand and the motorway A 13 Berlin – Dresden. To Dresden it takes only 35 kilometres, to Berlin 135 kilometres.
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General facts

Castle Großkmehlen has been built in the 16th century as a renaissance castle. Extensive renovations have been carried out ca. 100 years later. Probably the magnificent baroque stucco works on the first upper floor have been created by Italian artists.
The former castle moat and the park with 4 hectares are essentially kept and already partially redeveloped.

Castle Großkmehlen - Ground plan 01 Castle Großkmehlen - Ground plan 02

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Hunter’s house in Großkmehlen

Hunter’s house 01 Hunter’s house 02

General facts

The Hunter’s house – an outbuilding of the original Castle Großkmehlen, has just as the castle a very representative character. Probably it has been more than 200 years of the former time of the castle a winter flat. During the winter time it was very hard to heat the huge renaissance castle and from that reason the ladies and gentlemen moved to the smaller Hunter’s house where the problem of heating was easier solved. As the Castle even the Hunter’s house was divided into two parts. In Großkmehlen two families shared the power. The castle consists of two completely separated buildings – a western and an eastern building. They have been connected with each other by two small openings only in the 19th century. Even the Hunter’s house was separated inside into two equal parts. Thus both parties could live here completely separately.

The historical kind of use as flats in a relatively modest building could be easily realized here in the Hunter’s house of the Castle Großkmehlen.
The outdoor areas of the Hunter’s house and of the eastern side of the Castle have been lavishly redeveloped and offer a representative and widely open space.

Hunter’s house Ground plan 01 Hunter’s house Ground plan 02 Hunter’s house Ground plan 03

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