Castle Diedersdorf

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Name, address

Schloss Diedersdorf - Haus der Beratung HSP Concept Brandenburg GmbH
Schloss Diedersdorf
15306 Vierlinden

Contact partner

Herr Udo Pultke
Tel.: 03346 – 8555-14
Fax.: 03346 – 8555-55



Diedersdorf is a part of the village Vierlinden. It is located directly at B1 between Müncheberg and Seelow.
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General facts

Castle Diedersdorf has been built in the middle of the 18th century. Its appearance has changed and completed for several times. Very clearly you can see that at the neo-gothic richly decorated portal of 1876. At the southern side a flight of stairs leads you into the Castle Park with a small lake and old stock of trees.

Castle Diedersdorf - Grundriss Erdgeschoss

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